Experience International Military Ministry in US

We're so glad you are interested in getting involved. Please take a look below and learn about the different ways to support ACCTS' mission. You will find some simple but significant ways to impact the life of military personel, right now, here in the USA or abroad. Contact ACCTS by email or phone (1-800-486-4710) if any of these outreaches fit your interests and gifts:

  • Befriend: If you are near a U.S. base where international soldiers study, meet them and become their friend. Invite them for dinner at your house, or to a Bible study and small group meeting.
  • Introduce: If you meet foreign military Christians who are interested in military Christian fellowship, ask their permission and then send us their contact information. We will then put them in contact with indigenous Christians in their country.
  • Host: If you are stationed overseas, volunteer to host ACCTS staff when they are on mission trips; if you are in the U.S, volunteer to host international military personnel who are coming to your area.
  • Attend: Attend or assist an ACCTS-related military leadership or ethics conference in the U.S. or overseas.
  • Teach: Help teach and lead chaplaincy training events for foreign chaplains (or pastors who are working as chaplains).
  • Invite: Ask an ACCTS leader to share about ACCTS at your chapel, church, Bible study, or home.

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