Executive Director Job Announcement

The Association of Christian Conferences, Teaching, and Service (ACCTS) is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director. The ideal candidate for this executive position is a mature Christian and military veteran with a vision to build Christian military leaders and fellowships around the world. Application deadline is May 15, 2023

Organizational Information:
ACCTS is a non-profit, non-denominational, U.S. based international ministry that assists in the development of Christian leaders in the armed forces of the world and in the establishment and growth of indigenous national and regional Military Christian Fellowships (MCFs).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, and direct ACCTS’ ministry in collaboration with the board of directors.
  • Lead over 60 staff members – mostly retired military and/or spouses – and recruit new staff.
  • Organize fundraising efforts and expand the current financial base.
  • Prioritize multiple existing international ministry partnerships.
  • Travel internationally and within the USA to organize, teach, and/or lead ACCTS’ international programs, conferences, and events.
  • Experience in military service, preferably in a senior military role.
  • Understanding of ACCTS’ ministry vision and unique ministry model.
  • Strong Christian life/leadership experience that embodies ACCTS’ core values of biblically-based, Spirit-led, prayer-centered, and people-focused.
  • Understanding of cross-cultural ministry, including a strong love for internationals.
  • Desire to work with international Christians and willingness to work within varying cultures, including multi-denominational cultures.
  • Leadership using a prayerful, loving, and humble Christian model.
  • Ability to mentor and/or encourage international leaders.
  • Organizational skills to assist with conferences, programs, and events.

Work Location/Hours: 
May operate out of the home office in Denver, Colorado, or work remotely from own home location, pending applicant’s situation and board decision. Monday through Friday and weekends as needed, including extensive U.S. and international travel. 

Starting Date:
The starting date of this position is flexible, as the current Executive Director will stay in this position until the new director is chosen. The new director may begin as early as Fall 2023 or as late as November/December 2024, depending on applicants received, their availability, and the board of directors’ final decision. 

Negotiable, plus health care, if needed. The Executive Director, like most ACCTS staff, is responsible for raising funds to help pay for salary and ministry expenses. However, a portion of the start-up salary for the first two years may be paid directly by ACCTS, while the Executive Director is in the process of raising support. If needed, moving expenses may also be supplemented by ACCTS. 

Education and Experience: 

  •   Must have bachelor’s degree. 
  •   Must have previously served in the armed forces, preferably in a senior role. 
  •   Previous experience in senior leadership roles in career and/or Christian ministry. 

Who should apply?
If you are a Christian who has already served in your nation’s armed forces and are looking for fulfilling post-career work, please consider applying for this position. This position requires dedication to the mission and frequent travel. It offers satisfaction and fulfillment in serving Christ, and its true compensation is the spiritual blessing of working to further Christ’s kingdom here on earth. As a non-profit organization ministering to international military personnel, our goal is to help strong indigenous military Christians bring Christ to their nations’ armed forces personnel. Do you share that goal? If so, you have two ways to submit your application: 

  • You can fill out and submit the application, resume, and cover letter online by clicking here.
  • Or you can click here to download and manualy fill out the application. Then please mail it along with your resume and a cover letter to: ACCTS ED Search Committee, PO Box 27239 Denver, CO 80227

If you have questions concerning the job or the application please contact the search committee at search-comittee@accts.org or call the home office at 303.985.8808.

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