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Military chaplains around the world give pastoral care to military personnel and their families. Although most of ACCTS’ work is with non-clergy military Christians, we also minister to – and with – chaplains around the world to support their work and encourage them personally.

Our staff members offer care and support to chaplains (and those who minister as chaplains in nations which do not yet have a chaplaincy) through personal visits and prayer. We also provide teaching on a variety of levels, from our formal Chaplains Interaction program to one-on-one teaching and resources. This kind of individualized ministry is important, as training for international chaplains varies greatly --- some have attended seminary or were pastors before becoming chaplains, while others were simply chosen for the job and put into it with little to no training.

Not all nations have chaplaincies, and in some of those nations military Christians are working toward efforts to begin chaplaincies. We also work with and support them by providing training and resources.

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To learn more about ACCTS’ Chaplains Events, call the ACCTS office at (800) 487-8108 or (303) 985-8808, or click here for email contact.

Chaplains Interaction provides training to international military chaplains (as well as pastors and other Christians who work as chaplains) to equip them to better serve their nations' armed forces. Many nations around the world provide little to no training for their chaplains, who are thrust into positions of counseling soldiers in difficult situations.

Chaplains Interaction participants and their spouses learn how to work as a team to:

  • help soldiers experiencing combat operations stress;
  • minister in hospital emergency rooms;
  • address marriage and family issues, including dating, conflict resolution, and raising children;
  • suicide prevention and notification of next-of-kin;
  • and the effective use of inductive Bible study and conversational prayer methods.
Chaplains Interaction takes place on a U.S. military base in association with U.S. chaplains and chapel communities.

Chaplain (CDR), USN (Ret.) Jim Ellis and Shirley Ellis - Director of Chaplain Ministries
Ellies As director of chaplain ministries, Jim develops ACCTS’ vision for chaplain support, coordinates our chaplain support ministries with other organizations, directs ACCTS staff activities who minister with chaplains, and develops training materials and curriculum as needed. Together, Jim and Shirley develop and sustain supportive and encouraging relationships with chaplains, share ministry tools from other chaplains ministries, and minister to chaplain’s spouses and families.
Click here to get in touch with the Ellises
CDR (USCG, Ret. ) Frank and Ginny Cole
PlaceholderFrank and Ginny help organize ACCTS' annual Chaplains Interaction program. Their work supports the start of chaplaincies in other countries and sustains already-existing chaplaincy programs. The Coles also network with past Chaplains Interaction graduates to encourage them to start or strengthen their national military Christian fellowships.
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LtCol (British Army, Ret.) Noel and Meryl Dawes
Noel and Meryl Noel and Meryl help U.S. military chaplains, chaplain assistants, and their families. They offer tools such as the Welcome Home Initiative (combat trauma) and the Alpha course; help multiply prayer for the military; give biblical counseling; assist chaplains with conflict and reconciliation issues; give spiritual direction; promote Christian leadership and military ethics discussions; and help organize and run healing prayer courses.
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CDR (Chap, USN, Ret. ) Don and Elaine Jukam
JukamsDon and Elaine Jukam participate in ACCTS ministries relating to chaplains ministry and outreach.
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Lt Col (USAF, Ret. ) Dell McDonald
McDonaldDell encourages and disciples military leaders in many countries of the world, making mission trips and interacting with MCF leaders and members. He is also involved in ACCTS’ Chaplains Interaction training course.
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Capt (USCG, Ret.) Pete and Jacki Prindle
PlaceholderPete and Jacki Prindle minister to international military students in Virginia and support ACCTS' Prayer Initiative -- our vision for a wall of prayer for military and their families -- through church visits, chaplain conferences, and prayer events. They also develop and distribute materials to encourage people to support the training and equipping of Christian military leaders for ministry.
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