Your donation changes everything for military personnel in more than 150 different countries around the world.  Through the wide range of ACCTS’ activities, YOU are sharing the Gospel, discipling young believers, and building communities of faith.  You are the engine in this ministry and we are grateful to partner with you to reach the militaries (and nations) of the world for Christ.

Ways to Donate Now
  • Autopay Through Your Bank
  • In your bank’s website, set up ACCTS  at PO Box 27239 Denver CO 80227 as the recipient of a payment. You choose the amount, the frequency and the dates of the donations.*** This is the most cost-efficient for ACCTS and gives you control over the date and amount of each month’s donation.
  • Donate by check
  • Donate online by credit card and ACH
  • Donate by electronic fund transfer
  • You can contribute stocks or mutual funds
  • Make a Pledge
  • Planned Estate Giving
    You can continue being a world-changer  via your will or trust.. If you would like more information on including ACCTS in your will or trust, email Bernhard at or call him at 1-800-487-8108 

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