What is ACCTS?
The Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching, and Service (ACCTS) is a non-profit ministry which helps military Christians around the world mature spiritually and share Christ with their co-workers. We minister primarily, but not exclusively, to members of the world’s armed forces. [Back to top]

What is ACCTS’ mission?
Our mission is to assist in the development of Christian leaders in the armed forces of the world and in the establishment and growth of military Christian fellowships (MCFs). [Back to top]

So, you minister to U.S. military personnel who are stationed overseas?
Yes….but they aren’t our main focus. Most of our outreach is to men and women from other countries who serve in their own national armed forces. When ACCTS formed, there were already organizations, such as Officers’ Christian Fellowship, who were ministering to the U.S. forces. ACCTS was formed to address the unmet spiritual needs of international service personnel. [Back to top]

How does ACCTS accomplish its mission?
ACCTS is a relationship-oriented ministry. Our ministry is accomplished in large part because of the personal encouragement, mentoring, and friendship which our staff members develop with indigenous military Christians around the world.

These relationships allow us to accomplish the following:
  • conduct leadership training programs to equip indigenous military Christians to share Christ with others
  • co-host (with local military Christians) military ethics symposia, English language camps, conflict resolution courses, and Bible conferences for cadets and young officers
  • give information and encouragement to military Christians who want to establish fellowship groups
  • befriend international military students and share Christ with them
  • produce publications that support military Christians and military Christian fellowships around the world
  • provide administration and staff services to the world-wide Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF), including publication of their quarterly newsletter and prayer reminder.[Back to top]

How is ACCTS funded?
Approximately 95% of our donations come from private individuals in the U.S., with the remaining 5% coming from chaplains and churches. [Back to top]

Is ACCTS affiliated with any denomination?
No. ACCTS is an inter-denominational ministry which is not affiliated with any single church denomination. However, we do cooperate with several church denominations, chaplains, and ministries. [Back to top]

Does ACCTS minister in the same way in every country of the world?
No. Because of cultural variations, a one-size-fits-all approach to ministry does not work. Some nations enjoy full religious freedoms, while others do not. We strive to be sensitive to the varying needs in each country. [Back to top]

Who are ACCTS staff members?
ACCTS staff members are primarily retired military officers and their spouses who, after retiring from their military careers, devote themselves to ministry with ACCTS.[Back to top]

How are ACCTS staff members paid?
Most are not paid. The majority of ACCTS staff members serve as volunteers, raising funds to cover their direct ministry expenses. They usually work from their own homes. In the ACCTS office we have one full-time salaried staff member and two salaried staffers who work less than 40 hours a week. [Back to top]

Do ACCTS staff work full-time?
Some staff minister full-time, while others volunteer on a part-time basis. Some have part-time jobs in addition to their work with ACCTS, and many are also involved in their churches and other ministries. [Back to top]

What do ACCTS staff members do on mission trips?
Mission trips enable our staff members to develop personal relationships with international military Christians, to mentor and disciple them, and to better understand the personal challenges they face in their lives and careers.

Staff members are often asked to help plan military Christian fellowship events, and they frequently speak at MCF conferences or training sessions. They have helped military Christians who were in the planning stages of developing a military Christian fellowship, and have helped MCFs who are involved in chaplain training. [Back to top]

Why do both spouses often travel together on mission trips?
ACCTS’ married staff members often travel and minister together so that they can better reach the entire military society – serving members, their spouses, and their children. In many cultures of the world it would be inappropriate for a male to share Christ with a female, and vice versa. Traveling together can alleviate this problem and open more doors for sharing. This method of ministry is modeled after Jesus’ method of sending out his disciples two-by-two. [Back to top]

What is the AMCF, and what is ACCTS’ relationship to it?
The Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) is a world-wide association of indigenously-organized military Christian fellowships (MCFs) and individual Christians. ACCTS and AMCF are close ministry partners -- ACCTS staff often minister on behalf of the AMCF when they travel abroad, and maintains the AMCF website, and maintains its database. [Back to top]

What is MMI, and what is ACCTS’ relationship to it?
Military Ministry International (MMI) is a ministry based in the United Kingdom which serves Christians and chaplaincies in the military around the world. MMI and ACCTS have been close partners in ministry since MMI’s inception. Our staff members frequently work together, and some of our staff members are “double-hatted”, representing both organizations. [Back to top]

What is MSO, and what is ACCTS’ relationship to it?
Mission Support Organization (MSO) is a South Korean mission organization whose goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the military men and women of every nation of the world. It does this by supporting AMCF (Association of Military Christian Fellowships) and by working with other missionary organizations, including ACCTS. [Back to top]

What is ACCTS’ relationship to Officers’ Christian Fellowship (OCF)?
OCF is a U.S.-based military Christian fellowship. Since ACCTS’ incorporation in 1972 we have had a close relationship with OCF and have often partnered together in ministry efforts. [Back to top]

What other organizations does ACCTS partner in ministry with?
Joint ministry ventures are also conducted with the following ministries:

  • Fellowship of Christian Military Ministries -- a commitment to work together
  • Evergreen Family Friendship Service -- cooperation in China
  • National Association of Evangelicals, Chaplains Commission--chaplain cooperation
  • Olive Branch -- partnering directly in ministry
  • International Association of Evangelical Chaplains -- international chaplaincy ministry cooperating
  • …and military Christian fellowships around the world. [Back to top]

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