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We're glad you are interested in getting involved! Prayer is one of ACCTS’ core values - an essential prerequisite to, and an ongoing part of, any activity of eternal value. Here are some ways you can join in...some suggested topics are on the right.
  • Pray individually, from wherever you are, using our prayer suggestions, and as led.
  • Pray with someone or a small group face-to-face, by telephone, and/or over the internet, e.g.: - with your church, chapel, small group, or OCF/CMF Bible study - Prayer Morning phone/internet videoconference, held the second Saturday of alternating months - AMCF North America Prayer Call phone/internet videoconference, first Thursdays of each month
  • Pray in partnership with ACCTS staff and others serving a military Christian fellowship or in a region of interest to you and join us in asking God to raise up a network of regional prayer groups, eventually including in-region contacts in a regionally appropriate language.
  • Develop a pray-without-ceasing lifestyle, always acknowledging His presence, often listening for His direction, often asking His enabling. Include those around you (physically, relationally, electronically) as you pray for issues and needs in your own spiritual, personal, family, and professional life; admit that their issues and needs are also present in you.

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To learn more about ACCTS’ Prayer ministry opportunities, call the ACCTS office at  (303) 985-8808, or click here for email contact.

COL (USA, Ret. ) Mike and Leslie Fligg - Prayer Ministriesr
FliggsMike and Leslie help create a movement of faith, prayer, and service that expands the horizons of civilian churches and encourages them to include national and international military ministry in their outreach programs. The Fliggs maintain relationships with AMCF contacts in Poland, Albania, and Africa and are expanding their language skills in anticipation of future ministry trips.
Click here to get in touch with the Fliggs

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