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LTC (USA, Ret.) Dick and Linda Barnes - East Europe

PlaceholderDick and Linda Barnes minister to military personnel in Eastern European nations such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus by helping develop strategic ministry plans, speaking at military Christian conferences and events, and encouraging individual military Christians in their walk with God.

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Col (USMC, Ret.) Michael and Rebecca Barry - Program Development and Training

Placeholder Michael and Rebecca Barry join the ACCTS staff in order to apply their gifts to prepare ACCTS for future growth, help develop new programs, train new staff members, and disciple international military Christians.

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Jonna Carpenter - Bible Distribution

PlaceholderJonna help meet the needs of international military Christian fellowships that request Bibles in their national languages.
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Sue Casner - Capital Region Staff

PlaceholderSue Casner ministers to international military students and other military personnel in the Washington D.C. region of the U.S.

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Juan and Lacey Castaneda - Associate Staff - Assisting ACCTS in Latin American Military Ministry

PlaceholderJuan is a native of Guatemala who became a Christian at the age of 13. After graduating high school, he received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy as an international cadet. He is in flight school with the Air Force Reserve. Lacey is an Air Force captain. She became a Christian in the fifth grade when her mother started taking her to church. Juan and Lacey assist ACCTS in our ministry to Latin American military Christians.
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Ginny Cole - Women's Mentor

PlaceholderGinny teaches women in leadership programs such as Chaplains Interaction and speaks to women’s groups internationally when requested.
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LtCol (British Army, Ret.) Noel and Meryl Dawes - Chaplains Ministry

Noel and MerylNoel and Meryl help military veterans, chaplains, chaplain assistants, and their families through inner healing retreats addressing moral and soul injuries, especially those caused by war-like experiences. They help multiply prayer for the military; give biblical counseling; assist chaplains and others with conflict and reconciliation issues; give spiritual direction; promote Christian leadership and military ethics discussions; and help organize and run healing prayer courses.
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LCDR (USN, Ret.) Cal and Michelle Dunlap - China Ministry

Cal DunlapCal and Michelle Dunlap are involved in helping lead medical mission trips, American English Language Training programs, leadership training, discipleship, and ethics outreach. They have a special love for China and the Chinese people. Cal is ACCTS’ former executive director.
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Col (USMC, Ret. ) Phil and LtCol (USMC, Ret. ) Sue Exner - Executive Director

ExnersAs ACCTS' executive director, Phil guides ACCTS' staff and programs. He updates staff and board members monthly, recruits new staff, raises funds, and represents ACCTS at national and international events.
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LTC (USA, Ret. ) Brock and Linda Fallon - East Asia/Young Officers

FallonsLinda and Brock work with U.S. military personnel and internationals in Okinawa, Japan. They evangelize, disciple, teach Bible studies, counsel, and minister to deployed spouses and dependents. They also pray continuously, especially for the safety and witness of those to whom they minister.
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COL (USA, Ret. ) Mike and Leslie Fligg - Prayer Ministries

FliggsMike and Leslie help create a movement of faith, prayer, and service that expands the horizons of civilian churches and encourages them to include national and international military ministry in their outreach programs. The Fliggs maintain relationships with AMCF contacts in Poland, Albania, and Africa and are expanding their language skills in anticipation of future ministry trips.
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Colonel (USA, Ret.) Lee and Anne Gabel - Eurasia Ministry

PlaceholderAfter over 27 years in the Army, Colonel (USA, Ret.) Lee and Anne Gabel joined ACCTS to coordinate ACCTS' Eurasia Ministry. They work with other ACCTS staff to minister to military and uniformed personnel in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and other parts of the former Soviet Union. God used their time with the Army, which included about 13 years overseas, to help equip them for this ministry.
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Maj (USAF, Ret. ) Vic and Marsha Grazier - International Student Ministry (Wright-Patterson AFB)

PlaceholderThe Graziers build relationships with international military students and their families at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. They do this by helping WPAFB students and families find housing and cars, by providing furniture from a loan closet, and by helping them learn English.
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Emanuela Kalemi Haien-Webmaster/Graphic Artist/Interaction-RMH Coordinator

Emanuela Kalemi HaienFormerly an Albanian army captain, Emanuela provides technical and administrative support to publish ACCTS' newsletter and promotional/educational materials. She develops and maintains the ACCTS and AMCF websites and coordinates our annual Rocky Mountain High- Interaction leadership program. She also processes donor gifts and database changes.
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Maj (USAF, Ret.) Russ and Bonnie Hammerud - Special Projects

HammerudsRuss participates in ACCTS projects worldwide such as American English Language Training and Bible teaching, while Bonnie focuses on hospitality.
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Chaplain Ron Huggler (USA, Ret.) - Associate Staff - Caribbean Region

HammerudsRon Huggler served in the army in the 1970s before attending seminary and re-entering the army as a chaplain in the 1980s. He retired in 2009 as the senior chaplain at Fort Bliss, Texas. Since retirement, he has been involved in international military ministry, particularly chaplains ministry and ministering to military believers in the Caribbean region.
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Elizabeth Humphrey- Editor/Administrative Assistance

HumphreyElizabeth writes ACCTS' monthly newsletters, prayer reminders, and other materials. She assists the executive director and deputy director, and provides administrative assistance to the Chaplains Interaction program.
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Lt Col. (USAF, Ret.) Rick and Nancy Jackson - International Military Equipping Ministry

PlaceholderLt Col. Richard (USAF, Ret.) and Nancy Jackson will use their extensive Christian and military experience to encourage and equip international military Christians to be disciples of Christ who build strong military Christian fellowships in their own countries.
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Bernhard and Cheryl Kaltenbach - Deputy Director/West Europe Ministry

KaltenbachsBernhard, a native of Germany, is ACCTS’ deputy director. Additionally, Bernhard and Cheryl encourage cadet ministries and other MCF activities throughout Europe, with an emphasis on Germany.
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Mike and Joyce Knefley - American English Language Training

KnefleysMichael, a Vietnam veteran, and Joyce, are involved in American English Language Training training.
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Phil (Colonel, USA Ret.) and Rosa Lewis - Associate Staff - AMCF Newsletter Spanish Translators

PlaceholderPhil and Rosa Lewis are long-time board members who became associate staff in 2014. As a child, Phil lived in Argentina with his missionary parents. His last posting in the army was as Chief of the Department of Psychiatry at USA MEDDAC in Würzburg, Germany. He currently serves as a part-time staff psychiatrist for Biola University. Rosa, a native of Argentina, has used her Master in Arts, Musicology, to lead chapel music programs. She has also led Bible studies and served as an English-Spanish interpreter. Both have been involved in numerous short-term ACCTS mission trips.
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COL (USA, Ret.) Bill and Suzanne Lumpkin - International Student Ministry (San Antonio)

PlaceholderBill and Suzanne minister to international military students at the Defense Language Institute at Lackland AFB, Texas, by helping students learn English, leading Bible studies, and providing hospitality.
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Lt Col (USAF, Ret. ) Dell McDonald - International Discipleship

McDonaldDell encourages and disciples military leaders in many countries of the world, making mission trips and interacting with MCF leaders and members. He is also involved in ACCTS’ Chaplains Interaction training course.
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Lt Col(USAF, Ret.) Dean Mills - Academy Exploration Program Coordinator
PlaceholderDean Mills coordinates ACCTS’ Academy Exploration programs, which inspire cadets, midshipmen, and young officers to catch the vision for international military ministry by taking them on mission trips and visiting international military academies. Dean began his walk with the Lord in 1980 as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, where he also became involved with Officers’ Christian Fellowship. Dean retired after a 22-year career in the air force.
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CAPT (USCG, Ret.) Stan and Doris Waldrop Mincks - Wives of Warriors Worldwide

MincksDoris and Stan come alongside the military community to encourage and support military wives and the life situations that are unique to them. Additionally, they travel internationally and encourage indigenous military Christians whenever possible.
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CH (LTC, USARNG) Kurt and Gina Mueller - Pacific Rim Chaplain Ministry

The Muellers disciple and minister to military Christians throughout the Pacific region.

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Lt Col (USAF, Ret.) Paul and Barbara Neu - American English Language Training Coordinator

NeusPaul directs and organizes ACCTS' American English Language Training programs, which are held in conjunction with military Christian fellowships who host them as a way to both teach English and share Christ.
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CAPT (USCG, Ret.) Pete and Jacki Prindle -Director of Operations

PlaceholderPete Prindle is ACCTS’ Director of Operations, assisting the director with projects such as staff meeting planning and future ministry planning. Pete and Jacki also minister to international military students in Virginia and develop and distribute materials to encourage the training and equipping of Christian military leaders.
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Gina Rajah - Southern Africa and Brazil Ministry

PlaceholderGina, a Brazilian native, ministers to military Christians in the Brazilian military Christian fellowship, the largest MCF in the world, and in Portuguese-speaking nations.
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Eduard Rosca - Eastern European staff

EduardEduard was a military pilot in Moldova’s national army. He got baptized in 2003 and returned to God due to his son Bogdan-Emanuel. Before his birth, this son had been diagnosed with a disease. He and his wife prayed a great deal and the baby was born healthy. After that answer to prayer, Eduard promised to serve God and dedicate his life to Him. He has been extremely involved in military ministry in Moldova and throughout Eastern Europe for many years now.
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LTC (USA, Ret. ) Bob and Billie Jean (B. J.) Reifsnyder - Latin America Ministry Coordinators

ReifsnydersBob and Billie Jean coordinate ACCTS' ministries for Latin America and the Caribbean. They thank the Lord for the 28 nations in which they work by sharing the Lord and discipling others through national military Christian fellowships. They are also heavily involved in providing chaplaincy training through the International Association of Evangelical Chaplains, an ACCTS partner organization.
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COL (USA, Ret. ) Rick and Melissa Ryles - Asia Ministry Coordinators

PlaceholderWorking out of their home in Asia, Rick and Melissa encourage and mentor military Christian leaders in Asian nations. They also assist with ACCTS' Academy Exploration Asia programs.
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Maj (USAF, Ret.) Carson and Wendy Tavenner - China Director

PlaceholderCarson is ACCTS’ China Director, and both Carson and Wendy minister in China in the area of English language programs.
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Col (USAF, Ret. ) Ed and Sally Ward - China and Mongolia Ministry

PlaceholderEd and Sally Ward minister in Mongolia and China. In Mongolia, they support the indigenous military Christian fellowship's ministry, with Ed teaching on leadership and related topics and Sally presenting biblical topics to staff and other groups. In China they establish relationships with Chinese citizens, enhance educational and cultural exchanges, and support other ACCTS activities in China.
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CAPT, USN (Ret.) Terry and Susan Wichert - Associate Staff - Southern Europe Ministry

WebstersCapt (USN, Ret.) Terry and Susan Wichert are associate staff members ministering with ACCTS to military Christians in Southern Europe. They are also staff members with The Navigators.
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CHAP, (COL, USA, Ret.) Norris and Dr. Lois Webster - Director of English Studies and Director of Bible Studies

WebstersLois and Norris Webster minister through ACCTS' American English Language Training (AELT) programs, which teach English language skills and knowledge of God to military personnel and their families.
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SKC (USN, Ret.) Dave and Karen Wittman - International Student Ministry, San Antonio

Wittmans Dave and Karen Wittman minister to international military students in the San Antonio area. They befriend students and their families and help them understand U.S. culture, invite them to attend Bible studies and church events, and help them improve their English language skills.
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