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The vast region of Asia covers nations such as South Korea, where Christianity flourishes, to Turkmenistan, where Christianity is not welcome. As in other regions, ACCTS’ outreach in each country is individualized to the needs of each nation.

In China, ACCTS maintains a friendship and outreach ministry by working with indigenous Christians to teach English and provide medical services in remote mountain areas.

In South Korea, we work closely with military Christians and the vibrant ministry they carry out both within their nation and in other nations around the world.

Our staff members encourage and minister to national Christians as well as AMCF vice presidents in this region, and we host Academy Exploration Asia trips, which allow U.S. cadets and mids to experience Asian military and civilian culture.

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To learn more about ACCTS’ Asian ministry opportunities, call the ACCTS office at (303) 985-8808, or click here for email contact.

Major (USAF, Ret.) Carson and Wendy Tavenner - China Ministry Director
PlaceholderACCTS’ China director, Carson Tavenner, leads our outreach in this nation. Carson and fellow staff member Wendy Tavenner help build friendships, trust, cooperation, and relationships between U.S. and Chinese citizens.
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LCDR (USN, Ret.) Cal and Michelle Dunlap - China Ministry
Cal DunlapCal and Michelle Dunlap are involved in helping lead medical mission trips, American English Language Training programs, leadership training, discipleship, and ethics outreach.  They have a special love for China and the Chinese people. Cal is ACCTS’ former executive director.
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LTC (USA, Ret. ) Brock and Linda Fallon - East Asia/Young Officers
FallonsLinda and Brock work with U.S. military personnel and internationals in Okinawa, Japan. They evangelize, disciple, teach Bible studies, counsel, and minister to deployed spouses and dependents. They also pray continuously, especially for the safety and witness of those.
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COL (USA, Ret. ) Rick and Melissa Ryles - Asia Ministry Coordinators
PlaceholderWorking out of their home in Asia, Rick and Melissa encourage and mentor military Christian leaders in Asian nations. They also assist with ACCTS' Academy Exploration Asia programs.
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Col (USAF, Ret. ) Ed and Sally Ward - China and Mongolia Ministry

PlaceholderEd and Sally Ward minister in Mongolia and China. In Mongolia, they support the indigenous military Christian fellowship's ministry, with Ed teaching on leadership and related topics and Sally presenting biblical topics to staff and other groups. In China they establish relationships with Chinese citizens, enhance educational and cultural exchanges, and support other ACCTS activities in China.
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