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Bob and Billie Jean serve as ministry coordinators for Latin America and the Caribbean. They share the Lord and disciple others through national military Christian fellowships (MCFs), and also by leading chaplaincy training teams in coordination with the International Association of Evangelical Chaplains, an ACCTS partner organization. They state, "God has given us many strong friendships in these regions, and we maintain contact with them by email and telephone calls.

God has raised up 28 MCFs in our area of ministry and now every nation in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean has one. These MCFs are in different stages of development. Our goal is to help them reach maturity and effectiveness. We encourage them to have a plan and a strategy for the plan that includes evangelism and discipleship, participation by women, retirees, and chaplains, and which places emphasis on ministry in military academies and mid-career training centers. We encourage them to train the MCF leaders at every level.

God has also raised up three wonderful AMCF vice presidents in the regions. We work with them through frequent email and telephone calls. We meet face-to-face with most of our friends for mutual encouragement during regional conferences which take place every two years. We help to plan and lead those conferences. In South and Central American we work together with the vice presidents to plan, run, and finance the Interaction leadership training program following these conferences. We also get additional face-to-face ministry time when we lead training teams in response to requests by MCF leaders. At times we are privileged to have others accompany us on our trips to share in the ministry and the blessings we receive. Would you like to join us?

LTC (USA, Ret. ) Bob and Billie Jean (B. J.) Reifsnyder - Latin America Ministry Coordinators

ReifsnydersBob was raised as the son of missionaries in Peru. He attended Wheaton College and joined the U.S. army after graduation. During his career he specialized in airborne operations. He served overseas in Germany for six years, Panama for three years, and Vietnam for two years. He served as commander of units in the 24th Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 101st Airborne Division.

Billie Jean, the daughter of a pastor, was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and also attended Wheaton College where she met and married Bob.

During their 22 years in the military Bob worked so closely with chaplains that he was often called "chaplain". Billie Jean usually played organ or piano in the chapel services, at times led the Protestant Women of the Chapel, and one year was recognized as the U.S. Army Southern Command "Military Wife of the Year". They took their first trip with ACCTS in 1980, and became board members, then staff members a short while later. When they received the National Association of Evangelicals Commission of Chaplains "Centurions of the Year" award for 2012 they were asked to prepare this film on their ministry and interesting childhoods.
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Juan and Lacey Castaneda - Assisting ACCTS in Latin America Military Ministry
PlaceholderJuan is a native of Guatemala who became a Christian at the age of 13. After graduating high school, he received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy as an international cadet. He is in flight school with the Air Force Reserve. Lacey is an Air Force captain. She became a Christian in the fifth grade when her mother started taking her to church. Juan and Lacey assist ACCTS in our ministry to Latin American military Christians.
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Gina Rajah - Southern Africa and Brazil Ministry
GinaGina, a Brazilian native, ministers to military Christians in the Brazilian military Christian fellowship, the largest MCF in the world, and in Portuguese-speaking nations.
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