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ACCTS staff work closely with indigenous leaders of military Christian fellowships in Europe by:
- encouraging individual military Christians in their walk with God
- helping them develop strategic ministry plans
- speaking at military Christian conferences and events
- Helping international cadets, midshipmen, and young officers participate in military Christian fellowship leadership courses in the USA
- organizing Academy Exploration trips to European nations
- providing American English language training courses to MCFS who request them
- connecting military Christian fellowships with other military ministries
- working closely with chaplains and ministering to them
- working closely with our sister organization, MMI in support of the AMCF
- working closely with European vice presidents for AMCF

The majority of nations in Europe have indigenously-organized military Christian fellowships. Some of Europe’s MCFs are the oldest-known groups in the world, including AFCU in U.K. and the German COV.

Europe’s diversity means that ACCTS staff must know and understand the culture of each nation in which they minister. Ministry is tailored to each specific region, which makes the relationships which our staff have with MCF leaders invaluable.

Join an European Ministry Event
To learn more about ACCTS’ European ministry opportunities, call the ACCTS office at (303) 985-8808, or click here for email contact.

LTC (USA, Ret.) Dick and Linda Barnes - East Europe
PlaceholderDick and Linda Barnes minister to military personnel in Eastern European nations such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus by helping develop strategic ministry plans, speaking at military Christian conferences and events, and encouraging individual military Christians in their walk with God.
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Bernhard and Cheryl Kaltenbach - Deputy Director/West Europe Ministry
KaltenbachsBernhard, a native of Germany, is ACCTS’ deputy director. Additionally, Bernhard and Cheryl encourage cadet ministries and other MCF activities throughout Europe, with an emphasis on Germany.
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Eduard Rosca - Eastern European staff
KaltenbachsEduard was a military pilot in Moldova’s national army. He got baptized in 2003 and returned to God due to his son Bogdan-Emanuel. Before his birth, this son had been diagnosed with a disease. He and his wife prayed a great deal and the baby was born healthy. After that answer to prayer, Eduard promised to serve God and dedicate his life to Him. He has been extremely involved in military ministry in Moldova and throughout Eastern Europe for many years now.
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