Called to Serve Christ & Country:
A World-Changing Conference for Military Christians

The AMCF World Conference 2024
15-20 October 2024 Sao Paulo, Brazil 

If you are a military or civilian Christian with a heart for international military ministry, youíll want to know about an exciting ministry opportunity coming this fall: the AMCF World Conference 2024! This transformative event in Brazil will offer current international military Christian fellowship (MCF) leaders and upcoming MCF leaders the chance to deepen their relationship with God, develop greater unity with one another, build a clearer vision of their calling, and form new actionable ideas for the military ministry within their nationsí armed forces.

Hosted by Brazil's vibrant Christian military Christian fellowship (MCF) with assistance from ACCTS, the conference will provide a safe refuge where international military believers can share experiences and attend workshops, seminars, and breakout sessions to gain valuable insights about discipleship and Christian military leadership based on biblical teachings. Most importantly, the participants will strengthen existing personal relationships with fellow military Christians and start new ones for future ministry. Click here to learn more about this conference. 

If you want to be a part of Godís work in the armed forces of our world, we invite you to make a scholarship donation in any amount to help fund participation expenses for military believers who donít have the financial resources to attend. You can donate by mailing a check to ACCTS, PO Box 27239, Denver, Co 80227-0239 with a note that it is for the 2024 World Conference scholarship fund. Additionally, to donate online by credit card or ACH please click here. Then, in the form for electronic donations, choose the purpose of your donation as 2024-AMCF World Conference. If you want more information about this event or have questions, please contact the ACCTS office at or 303-985-8808. Partner with us in the Gospel so that Christís name is spread throughout the military forces of our world!

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